Do you have expressive eyebrows?

  1. How can I color eyebrows?
  2. How to paint eyebrows paint?

Posted by Yuliya Romanova 06/10/2018

Eyebrows are considered a frame, a frame of the face. The beauty of the look depends on them, the correctly chosen shape makes the face younger and fresher. It can pick up a professional eyebrow, then you just need to make sure that the eyebrows are not overgrown, and maintain color. There are several ways to color eyebrows, and each has its own advantages.

How can I color eyebrows?

First of all, you should decide on the color. Paint that can be bought in the store , must be properly combined with a shade of hair, otherwise the eyebrows will turn out unnatural. In addition to paint, you can apply:
• Pencil. It should be well sharpened. The eyebrow should be “drawn” with subtle neat strokes and only after applying a tonal means. It is advisable to choose a solid slate, and if it is soft, the pencil should be stored in the refrigerator. There are lovers of pencils with a lot of wax, but it should be remembered that the line from them is greasy and wide. To fix it you need to apply powder.
• Eyebrow Shadow. In the palettes of such shadows a large number of shades, therefore, to choose such that the eyebrows look naturally is not difficult. After applying eye shadows, you must comb the eyebrows to remove excess cosmetics and achieve a uniform color.
• Henna staining. A fairly safe procedure, after which the color on the skin lasts 15–20 days. And the hairs will remain dark for up to one and a half months. It is better to do such staining in the salon - the slightest mistake will spoil even the most sophisticated makeup.
• Tattoo. The most "long-playing" way to make eyebrows expressive. You should first give them the correct shape, and only after 2–3 days can paint be applied. Hair removal leads to the appearance of microscopic wounds, and the ingress of paint into them can cause an inflammatory process.
Gel paint is a novelty that is convenient to use. It does not flow, it is easy to distribute it exactly where it is needed. It is necessary to acquire a professional-level paint - so you can achieve a uniform color without side effects.

How to paint eyebrows paint?

Usually the kit contains the paint itself, an oxidizer, as well as additional accessories for convenient use. The paint is mixed with an oxidizing agent and applied to the eyebrows for a certain period, then washed off. The excess is removed with a special lotion. It would be nice to soothe the skin with a cosmetic oil, such as argan, - the paint dries it, and therefore can cause peeling. The result will be expressive eyebrows of the correct form, which make the look open.