How to cut a semi-circular fringe. Bang semicircle: selection rules, options, tips on how to implement

  1. Appearance and performance technique
  2. Oblique semicircular bangs
  3. Cut or not cut?
  4. Cutting techniques
  5. What hairstyles fit
  6. Who is the bang in a semicircle?
  7. Bangs in a semicircle for long hair
  8. Ripped bangs in a semicircle
  9. Bangs on the side
  10. Oblique bangs in a semicircle

Bangs became fashionable a long time ago and to this day they continue to be in trend. This is not surprising, since they not only go to many women, but also make it possible to emphasize the most attractive features of the face and help hide the flaws. There is not a single design option. For example, a bang in a semicircle is a great alternative to the classic flat. Let's talk about this form in more detail.


Appearance and performance technique

Imagine what that bang looks like, based on the name.

Its main feature is that it should frame the face, and the contour in this case goes slightly above the eyebrow line, approximately in the lower forehead area. Parameters of a bang like a degree of “depth” of a semicircle, its length and width are adjustable as desired.

In the photo of girls with semi-circular bangs, you can see that, just due to the different variations of these parameters, the hairstyle and face in general can look completely different.

Also, if you choose the right height or “depth”, you can correct the facial features , for example, visually enlarge the shape, focus on the cut of the eyes, cover the large forehead or hide wrinkles on it.

Half round bangs are cut as follows:

  1. For starters, decide on the degree of density of your bangs. It is important to remember that such a design will look beautiful only if you do not regret the strands and make the bangs rather thick. Otherwise, an arcuate cut may not be possible at all.
  2. Part in the form of a triangle and with the top in the area of ​​the crown. The hair is clean and pre-dried.
  3. Collect the part of the hair that is not needed in the work, in the tail or bun. The working area is first trimmed to the level of the eyebrow line .
  4. Divide the shortened strands into two equal parts and cut each separately. They should be trimmed in the shape of a semicircle , heading from the forehead to the temporal parts .

Make sure that the strands are cut symmetrically, and if necessary, periodically additionally trim them.

Oblique semicircular bangs

This option will please lovers of asymmetry. With it, you can add to your image of expression and courage. Unlock its full potential this species will be able to short hair . Such a bang with highlighting or coloring in a dark color, as, for example, in the photo, will look especially attractive.

Like any other kind of bangs, this is not for every girl.

  1. Owners of a square face , because the soft arcuate design will create a striking contrast between the angular chin and the rounded ends at the forehead. Therefore, it is better to choose the option that will help soften the large features of the lower part of the face.
  2. If you have a full face . Since the semicircle covers the forehead, the lower part, that is, the problematic chin and cheeks, will attract the attention of others.

But if you still have a great desire to experiment and try to try on this option, then in this case, you should not make the arc too steep, but on the contrary - almost straight and a little rounded.

Also, you should pay attention to the strands framing the face. They need to be arranged so that they cover their cheeks and make them visually narrower, so this area should be made as thick as possible.

They need to be arranged so that they cover their cheeks and make them visually narrower, so this area should be made as thick as possible

The semi-circle bang was actual in the seventies. Then she decorated short haircuts , distinctive feature which was almost the same hair length throughout the mass. Such haircut was called "ball". Today, this hairstyle is not so popular, but the semi-circular bangs, as its element, are still in trend.

Speaking about this bang in a semicircle, you must first understand what it is. This is not so difficult to do - bangs should follow the lower part of the forehead along the line of the eyebrows, as if framing the face with a peculiar semicircle of hair. But depending on how expressive this semi-circle is or how high the bangs will be, the hairstyle looks different.

The face of the owner of such bangs can also be perceived differently: a semicircular bang visually expand or narrow the face, emphasize the eyes or help to hide the high forehead. Again, it all depends on the nature of the semicircle.

But who can safely cut his bangs in a semicircle? Although the benefits of such a person are many, but, unfortunately, it does not suit everyone. It can be said that there are very few types of face that the semicircular bangs really decorate. For example, it will suit the owner of an oval face, but the cheeks should not be very plump. As mentioned above, this bangs well hides the high forehead, and also makes the eyes more expressive.

Dark thick heavy hair will look much better with a bang in a semicircle, because with a straight line - they may have a too graphic look. Semicircular bangs deservedly called the feminine version of the usual straight bangs to the eyebrows. The latter option is more to face young girls, and also does not always suit round faces. But thanks to the bangs in a semicircle, a small part of the forehead opens slightly and the face as if narrows and becomes more sculptural.

But thanks to the bangs in a semicircle, a small part of the forehead opens slightly and the face as if narrows and becomes more sculptural

But who should give up the pleasure of wearing such a hairstyle? If a girl has a round full face, second chin, then she will have to forget about the bangs in a semicircle. Owners of this hairstyle hide the upper part of the face, thereby drawing attention to the bottom, so it should not be large. But if you really want to walk with such a bang, then ask the hairdresser to make the hair line above the forehead not curved, but almost straight. It should also be that the hair strands slightly covered rounded cheeks. This will visually make them smaller.

The second moment, when the bangs in a semicircle are not to the face, when, on the contrary, the lower part of the face is too pointed. Wide faces with high cheekbones need hairstyles that soften such features.

The next question is the choice of hairstyle. Bang semicircle should be framed with beautiful and healthy hair. Most best haircuts for this chelochka - a short bob, as well as a classic straight bob-square to the shoulders. But not only short hairstyles will look good with such a bang. Straight hair of the same length is also a suitable option.

Straight hair of the same length is also a suitable option

If you want to create an image in retro style, then a short forehead is just for you. And if you also have dark hair with natural shine, then in general, this hairstyle will look great.

A modern image that will be bright and alive will help to create an elongated forehead with a bang in a semicircle. Owners long hair must remember that their hair should remain smooth under all conditions.

The best hairstyles with semi-circular bangs

Bangs in fashion for more than a decade. And this is not surprising, since they help young girls to draw attention to their eyes and correct some of the flaws in their faces, and for older women to hide wrinkles and regrown gray roots from their foreheads. Bangs are very different, for example, semicircular, can be an alternative to direct options.

Cut or not cut?

Half round bangs are not for everyone. For example, it is not recommended to wear women with an oval or triangular face, but for narrow-faced girls, it will fit perfectly. The same goes for chubby women , since such bangs in combination with elongated side strands visually stretch the oval of the face and balance its features. This accessory will help wide-faced ladies. However, it is better for them to choose oblique semicircular variants.

By the way, for those who have thick, dark, heavy hair, cut like a square, which does not fit a straight fringe, a semi-circular one can help soften the graphicity of the hairstyle and make it more feminine.

In order for the semi-circular bangs to look, as they say, one hundred percent, it must regularly cut and fit. To do this, treat the hair with mousse and give it the desired shape using a round brush of large diameter and a hairdryer. If the weather is rainy, fog, or you are going to a party, then after laying you should apply lacquer on your hair, which will fix the bangs and prevent it from becoming tattered.

Cutting techniques

Rounded bangs will look beautiful only if it is thick enough. This means that the base of the bangs should be as close as possible to the crown.

Before you start cutting, the hair is washed and dried, and it is parted in the shape of a triangle with the top near the top. It is strongly not recommended to do a haircut when the hair is wet, because, having dried, they will be at least 1 cm shorter, and the result will not be what was expected.

It is strongly not recommended to do a haircut when the hair is wet, because, having dried, they will be at least 1 cm shorter, and the result will not be what was expected

Selected strand combed on the face, and the rest of the hair is collected in the tail at the back of the head. Then cut the hair at the level of the eyebrows and divide them into two strands. Each strand is cut in a semicircle in the direction from the center to the temples.

  • Long hair bangs.
    In general, stylists do not recommend doing this hairstyle to those who have too long hair. However, if you really want, you can experiment. After all, in the end, in a couple of months it will be possible to easily turn such a bang into a straight line.
  • "Torn".
    Such an oval "jagged" bang will turn out if you cut out a strand in front of the head as described above and strongly profile the tips. In this case, you need to try to get a semicircle ideally correct, otherwise the entire hairstyle will be sloppy and unpresentable.

In this case, you need to try to get a semicircle ideally correct, otherwise the entire hairstyle will be sloppy and unpresentable

  • Option "sideways".
    Such bangs can be an alternative to direct options. However, it is not suitable for girls with very long faces or curly hair. It is trimmed as usual and is laid by pulling the strands towards the left or right ear.
  • Oblique bangs semicircle.
    The oblique version will look beautiful only on short hair. With it, you can create a scandalous or naughty image that will highlight the girl from the crowd, especially if you make the appropriate highlights. Its advantages include ease of installation, as it does not require perfect smoothness and may even be somewhat disheveled and careless.

What hairstyles fit

Round or semi-circular bangs go well with a short bean, resembling a haircut page, laid without twisting inward. You can also use this design of the hair in front of the head with a bob-shoulders hair cut and shoulder length or with a slight graduation around the contour.

Since when too dark hair A round neat bang with a short bob can turn this hairstyle into an ugly headdress resembling a hard hat, then we can advise to make highlights to slightly dilute the hair color with light highlights.

As you can see, semi-circular bangs of any length can help in creating feminine images in retro style or extravagant youth options. However, you need to choose this hairstyle in accordance with the type of your face and taking into account the hair color.

More information

Bangs - this is a desirable addition to any haircut or hairstyle, because it is she who makes the whole image of a woman flirty and complete. This element can drastically change the whole image, make it expressive, mysterious and interesting.

The decision on whether you should make a bang in a semicircle should be taken along with your hairdresser, since it can both improve and worsen appearance . It all depends on the hair texture, type of face, main haircut, and so on. The advantages of semicircular bangs are:

  • opportunity to “rejuvenate” your image;
  • emphasize the individuality and originality of hair;
  • add the image of coquetry and lightness;
  • the desire to change something radically in their appearance.

Who is the bang in a semicircle?

Unfortunately, not every woman can afford such an “accessory”. Semicircular bangs are completely unacceptable if you have a square face. Especially elegant and interesting, it looks if the shape of the face of a woman or triangular. A narrow face will be somewhat fuller and more voluminous.

Bangs semicircle for round face , with elongated side strands, visually pulls and balances its features. Narrow round or wide face can be oblique semicircular bangs.

Hair should be well-groomed and shine health. The special charm of the semicircular bangs will give a few light strands. The smoothness of the styling of this haircut is achieved by using a mousse, a large round brush and a hair dryer. Sometimes it is worth fixing the result.

Bangs in a semicircle for long hair

Stylists of beauty salons do not advise the owners of long hair to use this option bangs. This is an unacceptable combination, in terms of compliance with the proportions of the haircut, but there is always a chance to experiment, perhaps this is exactly what you need.

Ripped bangs in a semicircle

Such bangs remain relevant and in demand at all times, due to the ability to give the image of mystery, sexuality and somewhat rejuvenate the face. Also torn bangs, properly chosen for the type of face, can balance its proportions, soften the sharp features or angularity. Girls with a small and expressionless face can try to make a torn semicircular bang and heavily profile its ends.

The final spectacular result depends entirely on the skill of the hairdresser, who must observe perfect symmetry and make the bangs precisely semi-circular, without any flaws. Any error is fraught with irregularities, which will give the entire hairstyle untidiness.

Bangs on the side

This fashion trend has not left its position for many years, because the fringe on its side makes the whole image of a woman elegant, natural and sweet, softened facial features. This bang does not require special skills for styling, and is suitable for almost any type of face and hair. The only exceptions are the strongly stretched face and curly curls.

Oblique bangs in a semicircle

Oblique bangs in a semicircle are ideal for a bold, resolute and modern women living in the rhythm of a big city and not afraid to show their preferences. This element of the haircut, complemented by extreme styling and gushing optimism, will make a woman bright, attractive and extraordinary. But all the possibilities of semi-circular bangs are fully disclosed only on short hair, which should be taken into account when deciding to get such an “accessory”.

For owners long curls There is an unimaginable number of options for other bangs that will make them unique and charming in their own way.

But who can safely cut his bangs in a semicircle?
But who should give up the pleasure of wearing such a hairstyle?
Cut or not cut?
Who is the bang in a semicircle?