How to cut a slanting torn bang yourself. How to cut oblique bangs.

  1. Haircut and Tools
  2. How to cut straight (flat) bangs
  3. How to cut oblique bangs diagonally
  4. How to make layering and torn bangs
  5. How to make a haircut to a child or a man
  6. What is good oblique bangs
  7. Haircut bangs at home
  8. How to lay oblique bangs

Without making mistakes and shortcomings in it. Although this task is excellent professional hairdressers , regularly visit them for a 15-minute procedure is meaningless. In such cases, you can exactly cut the bang itself, using the rules and instructions from the network.

A girl can cut her own bangs, the main thing is to know all the nuances

Haircut and Tools

It should be understood that just so she does not quit a bang. For this are used special tools and follow the rules of cutting. This will ensure optimal results without experience.

Among the rules worth noting the following:

  • To work with dry hair;
  • Highlight the work area;
  • Leave extra length;
  • Check the result after washing the head.

The first tip is important for performance due to the plasticity of the hair. After all, you can not mow bangs beautifully if you do not put it. Wet fibers change their length, constantly stick together and are not like in a dry form. It is worth pre-dry them before clipping.

The second rule implies that the pre-working area is separated from the rest of the hair mass. This allows you to determine the future shape, length of hairs and other parameters.

Extra length is important in order to avoid unnecessarily short haircut . Leaving an extra centimeter, in the future it will be possible to properly cut the bangs in the presence of errors. Check the result is only after washing the head.

For work you will need the following tools:

  1. Hairbrush;
  2. Barrette;
  3. Iron.

Ordinary scissors will not fit, their design is further work. Hair cut with such a tool may soon be cut. The hairbrush also needs a special one, with rare and sharp teeth. This will mow thick bangs by smoothing it out.

How to cut straight (flat) bangs

Straight hair shape is most common due to its simplicity and practicality. In this style is not difficult. This requires the previously listed tools and some free time.

You can cut straight bangs in several stages:

  1. Separate the part of the hair that will be handled. The rest of the hair can be pulled in a ponytail or pin. Width is determined by the frontal bulges.
  2. Divide the work area into 3 parts, pre-combing it. Pinch one of the strands with your fingers and pull it down.
  3. Next, you need to note the required length and gradually cut the hair, keeping the tool at an angle.
  4. After completing work with the first section, you need to go to the second and third, repeating the previous steps.
  5. Upon completion, you need to comb your hair and eliminate flaws.

How to cut oblique bangs diagonally

If everything is clear with the standard method, then how to cut the fringe at an angle? The idea is to make straight cut oblique line. The difficulty of this task is in selecting the highest point from which the line will begin.

The angle of inclination is chosen independently. You need to cut hair properly styled, a small defect can spoil the result. Cut bangs yourself need to be as follows:

  1. Align and highlight the work path. Separate the excess hair, pulling it into a ponytail.
  2. Mark the top and bottom cutoff point.
  3. Gradually cut the hair from top to bottom.
  4. At the end it is necessary to comb the hair and eliminate the gaps.

Since it is quite difficult to mow a bang of this type, it is worth using the ladder method. It lies in the fact that initially the cut is not smooth, but stepped. This will eliminate the disadvantages of haircuts that arise in the process.

How to make layering and torn bangs

Filirovki bangs need to reduce the volume of hair. Their surplus can spoil appearance hairstyles that often apply to people with lush hair. This is a fairly simple process, so it is not difficult to profile the bangs. This requires thinning shears and desire.

In order to thin bangs at home, you need to knock down the work area in the strands, and then gradually thin out them with scissors. It is necessary to make cuts evenly so that different areas do not stand out from the others.

In the process you need to decide on the form. If a straight cut is necessary, the scissors should be horizontal. If you need to cut torn bangs independently, the scissors are held vertically, and the cuts are held at an angle.

How to make a haircut to a child or a man

How to cut a bang at home to a child? This task is a little more difficult, because children often do not want to sit in one place. Therefore, it is important to do the work quickly and efficiently.

Practice your haircut, build a skill

Haircut is slightly different from the classic. You can spend it in several stages:

  1. Fixing hair through hairpins. Since the baby's hair is rare and heterogeneous, hairpins will help fix it. Need to separate the workspace.
  2. Determine the desired hair height. Here, the approach is individual, because the shape of the skull in children does not fit the classical standards of haircuts.
  3. Split the hair into 3 parts and gradually shorten them. After completion of the stage to eliminate all the flaws.


What, to make a bang at home for them is also easy. The process is identical, but you need to take into account the shape of the hair and head. Here, a big nuance is allocated to possible bald spots and growth contour. This will hide flaws and improve general form heads.

The question of how to make oblique bangs, you can hear quite often. Such interest is quite understandable, because slanting bangs allow not only changing and refreshing the usual hairstyle, but also correcting the features of the appearance, besides, it can be worn with any length of hair and experimenting with styling.

What is good oblique bangs

Oblique bangs cut out at an acute angle, and its main feature is that it allows you to harmoniously combine open forehead and the presence of bangs in one hairstyle. This haircut is almost everything except the owners of small narrow faces with small features, as well as those whom nature has awarded strongly curly hair curling in tight curls.

All other girls can only advise to choose your best option oblique bangs. Short slanting bangs emphasize perfect proportions. oval face long will soften the lines of the square and rectangular face , round - visually narrow, while the triangular will cover a wide forehead. Torn bangs will be perfectly combined with cascading haircuts and give the image of dynamism, and bangs with a smooth cut line will add elegance.

Another indisputable plus of such bangs is that, unlike the straight, it can easily be removed by disguising itself under the total weight of hair or stabbed stealth. Moreover, it is absolutely easy to make a slanting bang at home, and if the resulting image is not liked or tired, then it is also easy to grow.

The only drawback is that oblique strands require frequent correction, otherwise they will look sloppy, but if you are ready to cut them yourself, then you can do without frequent visits to the hairdresser.

Haircut bangs at home

Before you start trimming oblique bangs, you need to take care of the tools Before you start trimming oblique bangs, you need to take care of the tools. You will need clips for hair, a comb and perfectly sharp scissors, it is desirable that these be professional scissors for hairdressers. The quality of the tools will determine whether you can get an even cut.

If everything you need to work is ready, then proceed to the haircut. Wash and dry hair. Separate the strands from which the expected bangs will be formed, collect the remaining hair and clip it with clips.

It is much more convenient to cut if the hair is wet, but in this case, you need to remember that after drying, the bangs will be much shorter. If you are afraid to make a mistake, it is better to be safe and leave maximum length because it is absolutely clear that it will always be possible to shorten the bang, but it will take a lot of time for the bang to grow back.

Get started with the top of your bangs. Pinch the strand between the middle and index fingers, and, holding the scissors at a 45 ° angle, begin to cut off the hair, gradually, strand by strand moving downwards.

You can keep the cut even or make it torn - it all depends on your hairstyle and personal preferences.

In order to get a “ragged” version that will make the hair more voluminous and livelier, pull back the strands between your fingers in the direction of the back of your head and make corner cuts every 1-1.5 cm.

Thinning can add even more volume and lightness, but for this you will need special thinning scissors. Make them some arbitrary cuts, this will be quite enough.

Now you can completely dry your hair, and, if you find small flaws in the form of loose hair, correct the results of your work.

Knowing how to make a hairstyle with a slanting bang, you can always change your image without resorting to the services of specialists.

However, if you are not confident in your skill, then it is better to give up independent experiments and go to the hairdresser.

Very many girls, girls, women prefer to wear just oblique bangs. This is understandable. It looks interesting and fits almost everyone. Beautiful, well-trimmed bangs are very important in creating an image. After all, when you first look at a person, a grown, crookedly cropped, unkempt bang immediately catches the eye. Therefore, if you wear a bang, then you need to follow it. Time to cut, lay, if necessary. If you have long hair , of course, you can not wash them every day, but you should wash the bangs.

If you are thinking about how to make a slanting bang yourself watch the videos and photos presented below. In addition to photos and videos, we will also discuss with you how to properly cut a slanting bang, the key word here is correct! Let us examine what errors are encountered most often, so that in the future you do not have to deal with their correction. If you are not in a hurry, you will do everything consistently, carefully and you will succeed, it will be great. You can always update your image at home. Indeed, in the salons, this procedure costs from 300 rubles and above. Of course, it would seem that the money is not big, but for the year it turns out already more than 3500. Plus time spent. So, let's see how to make a slanting bang at home.

1. My hair.

2. Dry them with a hairdryer.

Dry them with a hairdryer

3. Separate bangs from the rest of the hair. We put the stocking forward, and remove the rest of the hair in the tail so that they do not interfere. If the hair length does not allow to tie them in the tail, then just comb it back.

If the hair length does not allow to tie them in the tail, then just comb it back

4. Outline the angle of future bangs. You can use any long object. If there is, you can attach a long narrow comb, if not, you can use any pencil. Remove the pencil, draw an imaginary line in its place and memorize it. Clamp your bangs with your fingers and cut them along an imaginary drawn line from the top to the bottom corner.

Clamp your bangs with your fingers and cut them along an imaginary drawn line from the top to the bottom corner

The video will help to better understand:

Now that we know how to cut the oblique bangs ourselves, let us analyze possible errors.

From straight bangs make oblique, especially ragged is very difficult. Therefore, immediately traverse diagonally. If you make a straight cut, then it will be very difficult to remove, and if it is high, it is practically impossible.

Caution with long. For such bangs there is no clearly defined length, it can be quite long, medium and short. If you are not 100% sure of the desired length, then it is better to start experimenting with a long one. After all, you can always make a short one from a long one, but alas it is impossible to make a short long one. We'll have to wait for the hair to grow.

Carefully with torn bangs. Torn bangs do much more difficult. Here you need the skill of filing, or at least theoretical knowledge. If you still decide to make a ragged oblique bang yourself, then look at the appropriate lesson before that.

If you still decide to make a ragged oblique bang yourself, then look at the appropriate lesson before that

How to lay oblique bangs

If the bangs are trimmed well, then clean hair she will lie and look good. Therefore, do not be lazy, woke up, washed your bangs. Dried and all. If the hair is not obedient, then you can use a light spray for styling. It is as easy as remedies such as gels and wax can give bangs an extra weight. Of course if you do evening styling , you can use these tools, but in everyday installation you can do without them. After all, hair should look as natural as possible. Varnish use too carefully. If you apply too much money, you will get the impression that the forehead seems to be stuck to the forehead.