How to make a good passport photo. Successful passport photo: secrets and tips

  1. Make up on the photo in the passport
  2. Hairstyle in the photo in the passport
  3. Clothes on the photo in the passport
  4. How to make a good passport photo?

Photo in the passport often leaves much to be desired, it reveals and shows all the flaws, even if they are not. To take a beautiful picture on a passport, you should choose a beautiful top, shading all facial features, giving them a clear outlines, make light invisible makeup, as well as a hairstyle that fits best for the type of person.

Make up on the photo in the passport

Before you take a set of photos on the documents, prepare your face: make a mask, soothing or moisturizing, depending on skin type. Also pull out the edges, trim and move them for a snapshot. It is better not to go photographed the day before the peeling or cosmetic procedure which gives the skin redness. After two or three days, you can go to take pictures on the passport.

It is necessary to highlight the beautiful eyes, draw a black pencil or eyeliner, straighten eyelashes. Just highlight the edge, put the correct tone on the face. And this is perhaps the main thing that will make it look great in the photo. It should not be applied tonal basis densely, it is required that the complexion was smooth, but as natural as possible. Photoshop, of course, will remove all reddening and dark circles under the eyes, but still it is better to have a good sleep and apply make-up as carefully as possible. Highlighter, proofreader, bronzer and tone foundation with natural blush to help you. Light shade of lip gloss, or better hygienic lipstick , to emphasize the plumpness of the lips.

Hairstyle in the photo in the passport

Special hairstyle is not necessary, depending on how long the hair is Special hairstyle is not necessary, depending on how long the hair is. If the hair is dismissed, it will create a framing to the face, which is beneficial to emphasize it. The main thing - clean hair well combed. Before taking a photo, wash your hair, apply a mask to make it shine. During the picture, spread the hair over the shoulders so that there is no hair on the face. Do not tail, bun or high hair , it will distract from the face and create a kind of relaxed, not suitable for an official document. .

Clothes on the photo in the passport

Do not pick sweaters or t-shirts out of clothes. Let it be a blouse or shirt, as well as any blouse is not under the throat. Better with a V-neck or “boat”. You do not need bows, jabot under the throat. Carefully and with taste, let it be a checkered shirt, but such a color that suits you, gives freshness to the face, emphasizes eye color.

You should not make a very serious face, because in life you are completely different from those on the passport. A slight hint of a smile, you should practice a little at home, but let the smile be expressed only with your lips. It is not necessary to sparkle on the official document, even if it is whitish teeth.

Delfi Edition knows the top 5 tricks for a passport photo

First of all it should be remembered that the photo “eats” not only the relief of the face, but also 20% of the makeup. However, the “war paint” on the photo for the document will look inappropriate. The goal is to create a natural effect and emphasize the dignity of the face.

1. Step one. Create a tone

Healthy complexion is the key to a successful photo. Believe me, no one person goes dark circles and bags under his eyes from constant lack of sleep, dull skin and inflammatory processes that tend to occur in the most prominent place. Therefore, the day before you should put your face in order, having made a peeling, a mask, and how to sleep properly. And before going to the studio on clean face apply foundation under make-up and remove any redness, dark circles and other appearance defects with the help of a concealer.

2. Step Two. Adjust

As it was said, the photo “eats” the texture of the face. Therefore, after creating the “canvas”, you should take care of the relief of the portrait. So, with shades or blushes of natural beige-brown hues, or with a concealer, we select the shape of the nose, forehead and chin, and also slightly correct the cheekbones area. The main thing is to know when to stop. Plus high points of the face, - nose, forehead, cheekbones, - can be distinguished by highlighter. When you are satisfied with the result, the correction should be covered with a thin layer of powder. This will ensure the safety of makeup and remove greasy shine.

3. Step Three. We emphasize eyes

You should not muddle over eye makeup. In the passport photo, everything should be simple and tasteful. The best way - These are classic arrows and lengthening mascara. In order to create the depth of the eyes, you can highlight them with pastel beige or brown shadows. And to reveal - add a little bright shadows on the inner corner.

4. Step Four. Drawing lips

It is worth refusing bright colors and the glaring contrast of lipstick and pencil. The perfect option there will be lipstick in natural, discreet colors and an emphasis on contour. The pencil should be in harmony and create a natural lip contour. And do not use glitter. If you want to give your lips a volume, apply a little white shadow on the “bird” above the upper lip or a drop of lipstick a tone lighter than the main one on the center of the lips.

5. Step five. Create a frame

Even the perfect face will look inconspicuous with a nest on the head. Hair for photos should be clean, shiny and well-groomed. It is not necessary to excel with complex hairstyles and abandon the “tail”. It is better to leave everything as it is, because naturalness is always in fashion. You can only slightly correct the contour and fix the hair with lacquer.

Do not forget that the makeup for a passport photo categorically prohibits the presence of nacre, shimmer or glitter: shiny shadows create the effect of sleepy eyes, and sparkling powder or blush will give the face a greasy shine.

Also, on the eve of the day, photographs should be rehearsed by the mirror: a smile is an art. Experiment. See which facial expression you like best of all. Memorize it and use for photography.

We prepare very carefully for this event: hair, makeup, facial expression. Everything seemed to be perfect. But no, photography in documents becomes what we try to carefully hide from prying eyes. Meanwhile, with these photos, we live 5 or even 10-15 years! This is not an avatar in the social network, which can be changed at least every minute.

Probably, 95% of people are not happy with their picture in the passport. Like digital cameras (you can take a few pictures in just a minute), every little bit knows the basics of photoshop (remove bruises under the eyes and pimple on the forehead just to spit), and besides, the competition dictates a polite and competent attitude to the client Everything is for you! But in reality it looks different: the photographer is always in a hurry to take one picture (without even saying that you have a strand of hair sticking out of the crown of your head), without asking whether you like it or not, it gives to the press, and to your request at least remove the sore nose, he snorts and looks as if you asked for Angeli Jolie's nose! Common situation?

In order for the photograph on the documents to please you (even without Photoshop and requests to the photographer to make a couple more duplicates), you just need to know the following rules:

1. Before going to the photo studio practice at the mirror. Choose the most optimal expression of your face. Try to remember which muscles tense or relax. After that, try to achieve the same facial expression with closed eyes, check by opening them. Thus, bring the face to automatism. So you can easily reproduce the desired expression in the studio.

2. Do not jump from one extreme to another: too relaxed face, exactly as well as too tense, will not exactly decorate you. Be more natural, and, by the way, nobody forbade a light (!) Smile;)

3. Tilting the head will help remove certain imperfections of the face:

A large nose can become visually smaller if the head is thrown back slightly (with a flash, it will not stand out and will not cast a shadow on the lips);

The same technique is suitable for those who have small eyes. Thus you visually increase them;

In order for the photo not to upset you with a heavy chin, tilt your head forward slightly, so that the top of the face will shift attention.

4. Pay special attention to hair. Hair should be clean, but not filled with varnish. Note that a passport is not made for one year, so do not experiment with hair. What is very fashionable now may look stupid and funny in a couple of years. If you are the owner round face , then comb your hair forward so that it covers the lower part of the cheekbones. Smoothly combed, gathered back hair, as a rule, look not very beautiful in a photo.

5. Make-up should be moderately bright: colored eye shadows and bright lipsticks will be out of place; cosmetics should simply emphasize your strengths and hide flaws:

Be sure to use concealer . As a rule, the lighting in the salons falls from above, thereby giving all the trouble: wrinkles, scars and so on. The tone will help get rid of them. At the same time, do not be afraid of what is noticeable in the mirror, as a pimple is not quite professionally disguised; this will not be seen in the photo;

Do not forget the eyebrows, be sure to pay attention to them, even if you usually do not touch their makeup. The eyebrows are immediately apparent in the photo. Therefore, achieve their symmetry, accuracy. But do not use a pencil, because you can overdo it and then it will be a photo in the passport eyebrows, but not you, it is better to achieve the desired effect with eye shadow;

Eyeliner and a good layer of mascara will be in place,

To make the lips look plumper, use a brighter lipstick (but not the one that will blend in with the skin, otherwise the lips will not be visible at all). Reject too bright and dark tones, they make lips thinner and give the face an evil expression.

Reject too bright and dark tones, they make lips thinner and give the face an evil expression

6. Clothing. Of course, you can be photographed in anything, but still a shot in a t-shirt or t-shirt does not look serious. Prefer blouse or sweater with a not deep neckline. As for coloring, her choice is limited only to what shade best suits your face. It is better if there are no prints, choose something solid. Do not overdo it with accessories (especially jewelry).

7. If time permits, finances and, most importantly, nerves, then take a photo in 2-3 different salons. You will see how different the pictures are and you can choose the most preferred one. As an example, I will give a girl who took photos in different places: some options are not bad enough, and some are simply disgusting.

Three-quarters of people think that their passport photo is unfortunate! Just do not want to look at your reflection in the visa and other documents! Why does this happen?

How to make a good passport photo?

    • Do not postpone the procedure of photographing at the last moment! When you urgently need to present a passport, you will rush to the first photo studio without makeup and hair. Plan everything in advance!
    • Practice makeup and hair, then take a close-up picture of your camera. This will help to identify possible errors in the make-up.
    • Go to a good photo studio. The master has a lot of experience in the business. He will tell the right turn of the head for the photo.
  • Do not pinch lips, otherwise in the photo they will look like a thin thread. Do not bend your mouth.
  • Do not go to take pictures after a sleepless night. Although we also know ways in the morning, but you still will not look perfect!
  • Do not drink a lot of liquid at night, do not eat salty food. This can cause swelling of the face.
  • Do not raise your head too high, because it will look unnatural. Do not pull your head into yourself - a double chin may appear.
  • To get a good photo passport, take care of your hair. For hair styling, use the means to give volume.

Makeup for a passport photo: expressive, but natural

The main taboo - makeup for photos on the documents does not accept the use of shiny cosmetics! At the time of the flash all the sparkling particles will light up, completely spoiling your perfect look!

  • First of all, take care of the perfect healthy color faces. Of course, it is good if you perform the procedures in a timely manner for acquiring a perfectly smooth tone, take care of your skin with natural means, use it. But tonal means can quickly bring a person to the perfect state. Use a tonal framework to even out skin tone. It is better to choose a tonerka with the designation HD. This tool is ideal for photo shoots. Treat all areas of the face, including the area under the eyes and neck.
  • Concealer remove minor defects, vascular mesh, redness. If a traitor-pimple appeared on your face that day, then responsible craftsmen usually take upon themselves the responsibility to remove it with the help of Photoshop.
  • Contouring face do, depending on the features of your face. Lush cheeks can be slightly reduced by causing an area under the apple dark color . If the nose is too wide, in the same way we will make the back of the nose thinner, darkening the lateral area. "Improving" and the chin.
  • Be sure to use matte powder. You may need additional application of the agent immediately before the photo is taken, if you sweat on a hot day.
  • Draw eyebrows. This will give your look more expressiveness.
  • Do not use colored shadows. Only natural shades or a bit of dark brown or gray. Blue, purple, green shadows may look funny in a photo, they are too noticeable. Also use only matte shadows.

Common situation?
Why does this happen?
How to make a good passport photo?