How to make a pony horse tail

  1. Horse tail with hidden elastic for long hair
  2. Hairstyle with tail to side
  3. Evening hairstyle for medium hair with a tail without elastic
  4. Negligent hairstyle with hidden elastic
  5. You will need
  6. How to wrap the hair around the elastic on the tail:

How to make a tail without an elastic band, and is it possible? In most cases, the gum is still needed. But it is easy to hide, and then it will seem that the tail is tied without the use of gum. You can even do this at home with your own hands. Plus these hairstyles that they are very easy to do the most. But this is no longer an ordinary tail, but a whole hairstyle, with which you can easily go to any event.

Horse tail with hidden elastic for long hair

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This manual will show how to hide the gum under a strand of hair.

  1. Comb your hair to avoid the formation of roosters.
  2. If you have a very Thick hair You can use 2 or 3 elastic bands at the same time.
  3. When the tail is done, separate the bottom strand. You can put on it a little foam, gel or other styling products.
  4. Wrap them gum. When there is a small tip of the strand, take the invisible, open it and wrap with a strand of one of its sides.
  5. Insert the invisibility from below into the base of the tail. fixed.

You can diversify this hairstyle by wrapping the elastic with a pigtail, as shown in the photo :

Video instruction:

Hairstyle with tail to side

This is a slightly complicated version of the first hairstyle, which is great. It will take no more than 5 minutes to complete it.

  1. Comb the hair on the side.
  2. Take the hair of the parietal part of the head, as shown in the video. Twist the tips and make a small harness so that it is directed to the side. If you move it forward, you get a neat pile. Fix it invisible.
  3. Gather the rest of the hair and make a tail. Wrap gum strand hair and secure with invisible. (More options hairstyles on the side, see).

Video instruction:

Evening hairstyle for medium hair with a tail without elastic

How to braid the tail without the gum yourself? Easy! Just follow the following tips.

  1. Comb your hair.
  2. Draw a horizontal line over the ears and move the upper strands back.
  3. Divide them in half and overlap them. Secure invisible so that they are positioned vertically.
  4. Take the hair of the lower part of the head and do the same with it.
  5. Separate the strand from the remaining hair. Throw them on the side and wrap the separated strand.
  6. Vertically insert the stealth into the tail. Adjust the hairstyle so that the hair does not stick out. Sprinkle with varnish. Now you know how to tie a tail without a rubber band.

Video instruction:

Negligent hairstyle with hidden elastic

This option is perfect hairstyle, if you do not have the opportunity to quickly wash your hair, and you need to look perfect.

  1. Separate the hair of the parietal part of the head, twist the ends into a flagellum and fasten it to the nape with a pin or invisible hair.
  2. The rest of the hair gather in a tight tail.
  3. Using another stud, pick up the tail and stab it so that the gum is not visible. This simple trick will raise the tail and make it more magnificent.

Video instruction:

Hair Style Photos:

Hair Style Photos:

Many girls like to make a tail, especially when there is no time to style unruly hair. The most natural and stylish option is a high tail with a strand twisted around its base.
Usually for this purpose use stealth or special clip. But what to do if neither one nor the other was at hand? In this article, you will learn how, without the use of additional accessories, to twist the tail with a strand so that the elastic bands are not visible.

You will need

  • scrunchy

Styling process

1. Gather the hair in a normal tail and secure it with a rubber band.

2. Take a piece of hair and wrap it around the base of the tail.
3. Feel the gum and stretch it a little at the bottom of the tail.
4. Pull the end of the strand through the resulting hole.
5. Pull it well to secure it.

  • The end of the strand can be hidden under the hair at the base of the tail. There is also no need to use stealth. Hairstyle will keep well all day.

A tail without a rubber band is a great alternative to the horse tail, but more stylish and elegant. In addition, the hairstyle, for fixing which own hair is used, always causes a lot of enthusiastic compliments! An office, a secular party or a party - a tail made without the help of an elastic band is suitable for any occasion where the use of elastic bands in a hairstyle seems completely out of place! And knowing the secrets of creating this stylish hairstyle, you can make a tail without a gum on your own and do without going to the salon.

Tail without elastic: what is the secret?

So, open the cards. The whole trick of the hairstyle is that the tail without the elastic is actually done with the help of ... an ordinary fine elastic! Paradox?! But the garter is used to securely fix the tail at the right height and to ensure that the finished tail lasts longer. The illusion of a tail without an elastic band is created like this:

  • tail hair at the right height;
  • secure it with a thin elastic band;
  • select a strand width of 2 cm;
  • wind it with a gum so that it is completely out of sight;
  • hide the end of the strand under the gum and fix it with varnish so that the strand is securely fixed;
  • You can secure it with a stealth or hairpin.

As they say, all ingenious is simple! Pre-hair can be straightened ironing, then get a more strict image. And if you curl the curls, the hair will come out very romantic.

How to do without hair bands?
Everyone knows that the frequent use of gum harms the hair, as too tight tying disrupts blood circulation and leads to the formation of ugly creases on the hair. You can also do without this accessory, especially the lack of gum will not prevent you from changing images during the day. To make the tail of the hair without elastic, you need:

  • pre-straighten or twist the hair, making it more obedient;
  • tail hair at the desired height;
  • select a strand 2-3 cm wide below it;
  • wind it around the base of the tail;
  • secure the tip using stealth;
  • sprinkle the resulting gum from the hair varnish for reliability;
  • the tip of the strand should be hidden below, under the base of the tail.

To create this stylish hairstyle takes no more than five minutes. It may be difficult to secure it first, but frequent trainings will help to achieve a successful result.

Faithful helpers
The tail creation procedure is greatly simplified by the Topsy Tail device. The device is a plastic leg with a loop. It reduces the time spent on creating the tail without the elastic. The device is not yet very popular, but the number of women who use it is growing rapidly. It is easy to use and affordable. Making a tail without a rubber band using Topsy Tale is incredibly simple:

  • collect the hair in the tail and secure with a rubber band;
  • highlight a strand of hair and wrap the gum around it;
  • leave a long enough tip, not less than 5-7 cm;
  • insert the Topsy Tail leg into the base of the tail from top to bottom so that the leg passes through the gum and the loop remains on top;
  • insert the tip of the strand into the loop and hold it with your hand;
  • with your free hand, pull the foot of the device;
  • the strand will disappear into the tail, and it will be securely fastened.

To stay beautiful and look stylish, it is not necessary to spend a lot of time by the mirror. A woman is a woman to keep secrets of her attractiveness, which allow her to a short time become what she wants to be at the moment.

To make an evening hairstyle from a regular tail on the back of your head, it is enough to know how to wrap the hair around the elastic.

Especially gorgeous this hairstyle will look like if hair in high tail is straightened with a flat iron.
Today in the article we will tell and show how to hide a rubber band on the example of three perhaps the most popular hairstyles among owners of long hair.

How to wrap the hair around the elastic on the tail:

After you have collected the hair in the tail, the gum that holds the hair can be hidden. Straight and long hair for this reception are perfect.

  1. Collect the hair in the tail. Select a small strand in the finished tail.
  2. Wrap the strand several times around the elastic until you have a short tip under the tail.
  3. Fix the tip of the strand under the tail of the invisible to match the hair.

How to wrap the hair around the elastic on the braid:

You can make a spit more interesting by hiding a rubber band, for example, hiding a rubber band on an openwork spit or on a fishtail spit. In addition, this trick is suitable for the case if the rubber band was not at hand, but there is an invisible one - you can easily fix the tip of the braid.


  1. Braid the braid (but not to the very end - otherwise cunning will not work). Fix the braid with an elastic band (if there is no elastic, go to the next step).
  2. Select a small strand in the tip of the braid and wrap it around the elastic band (or around the tip of the tail).
  3. Lock the strand invisible, securing it vertically (perpendicular to the strand, fixing the end of the braid).
  4. To keep the construction longer, fix it with varnish (you should not regret the varnish).

How to wrap the hair around the elastic on the tail of the top of the hair:

If you are a romantic person and like hair that falls freely on his shoulders, but at the same time you do not want to look messy because of disheveled hair, then try to collect it partially. This hairstyle is perfect for owners of curly hair.


  1. Separate the hair part horizontally. Bottom lock hair clip. The remaining hair is divided into two unequal parts.
  2. Fix the bulk of the hair with a rubber band.
  3. The remaining strand wrap gum, lock the strand at the base of the tail. Remove the clamp.

But what to do if neither one nor the other was at hand?
Tail without elastic: what is the secret?
How to do without hair bands?