What to do for tanning. How to get a beautiful tan

  1. The indispensable rules of a beautiful tan
  2. Tanning Amplifier - how to speed up tanning
  3. Gentle and chocolate tan on the beach resort
  4. Beautiful tanning oil
  5. Proper Tanning Creams
  6. Products for a beautiful tan
  7. How to protect yourself in the open sun?
  8. When is it better to sunbathe?
  9. What is the best sunbathing?
  10. What else needs to be remembered?
  11. How to keep a tan?

To properly tan in the sun, you need to be able to. Because otherwise, rest can easily turn into a nightmare. In order for your skin tone to become chocolate in a short period of time, and to avoid burning your skin, you should follow the suggested tips.

Who is harmful to sunbathe?

It is necessary to gently sunbathe people who have fair skin and blond hair. And also to owners of a large number of large moles and people with extensive pigmentation. The skin of such people is very prone to sunburn, and ultraviolet rays can cause them many unpleasant diseases.
For such people, one way out is quality tanning.
In the case when you know that while sunbathing in the sun you will spend your time with benefit and do not harm your health, then remember a few rules.

These are definitely some of the natural remedies that you can use to treat yourself in case of sunburn . If you still know others, you can share them with us by leaving a comment below. The sun is very important for every person. Without this, there would be no life on Earth. However, despite this very important function of the Sun, it is necessary to know that staying in ultraviolet rays is beneficial until it is in place. As from the Lithuanian proverb: "Too much, this is not great."

The sun emits several types of rays: gamma, infrared, ultraviolet, X-ray and visible light rays on the eyes. Ultraviolet rays are the most important and best rays in the human body. It is especially important to know which country is best for sunset. One of the most memorable things - It is advisable to be as shady as possible at the peak of the sun. Therefore, when you spend your holidays in warm countries, relax in the shade of a tree or an umbrella at a relaxing time - and there you will receive ultraviolet rays, so that your skin gets a beautiful shade.

In the afternoons Sun rays the most burning, it is recommended to spend this time in the shade. Doctors advise sunbathing in the morning, preferably up to eleven hours, then the sun's rays will not cause harm to health.

Also, before you dip into the water, you should treat the skin with protective agents, because UV rays are able to penetrate to a depth of one and a half meters.

Most people know that ultraviolet rays are intense in the summer in the afternoon and early evening. Therefore, people are advised to stay in the sun at 11 o'clock and 15 o'clock every day in summer. But for passionate travelers, this may be too simple and inaccurate advice.

The intensity of ultraviolet rays varies in different regions of the Earth, depending on the time of year and time of day. For example, the spring sun in Lithuania can be a bit dangerous, but in the countries of the Equator at this time the Sun can be extremely strong.

The main word in the summer should be "water". Thirst is a function of protecting our body. However, this mechanism is significantly weakened by all sweeteners, flavor enhancers, alcohol, tobacco and other chemical food additives. Therefore, the body often takes a serious dehydration without thirst. The simplest rule is that in the summer it is necessary to drink plenty of pure non-carbonated water and as much sweet lemonade as possible.

In the case when you sweat a lot, you should apply more sunscreen more often, because sweat can reduce its protective properties.
What to do in order not to get a burn from ultraviolet?

In no case do not go to the beach without taking sunglasses and a hat. It is important to remember that the sun can cause wrinkles, as well as the hair will lose its color and burn out, become brittle.

Taking sunbathing, it is advisable to turn over every ten minutes and expose other parts of the body to the sun, in turn. After one hour of staying in the open sun, you should hide yourself with an umbrella or go under the shed.
After sunbathing, you should take a barely warm shower and lubricate the body with a greasy cream to nourish the skin.

The indispensable rules of a beautiful tan

Preliminary, ten days before the expected rest, it is necessary to carry out several procedures in a solarium so that the skin is ready for a rich tan. A few short visits to the tanning bed will give your skin a delicate golden color, as well as create a natural shield from the raging sun rays.
The first few days that you will relax on the beach, use protective cream . The main thing is not to forget that the most delicate places are the skin of the chest, as well as the nose and shoulders. It is desirable to constantly, with an interval of thirty minutes, process them with sunscreen.

Having a rest in such hot countries as Africa, Italy and Spain, one cannot be at first on the beach not in the shade for more than 10 minutes in a row. Gradually, by the day, you can extend the time you spend in the open sun. But more than one hour in a row is not recommended to sunbathe. Following these tips sun tan will delight you with its delicate golden color.

Tanning Amplifier - how to speed up tanning

The fastest and finest chocolate-colored tan can be obtained by consuming fresh apricot and carrot juices during the beach season.
The most harmless way to enhance tanning is the use of special creams that contain substances that enhance tanning.
These funds should be applied in the first days of presence at the resort. These creams are stimulants that trigger intensive production of melanin by the body. He is also able to prevent sunburn, it is nourishing and moisturizing. The result of its use will be persistent and perfect tan.

Also a good option to speed up tanning is to apply a tanning cream that has a tingle effect. These creams provoke increased blood flow to the skin, so melanin begins to be produced at twice the speed. You should test this cream on a small area of ​​the body, because it can cause allergic reaction . From the rush of blood, the skin turns red. It is not advisable to smear such cream on pale and not tanned skin, and you should also not treat your face with it.

Gentle and chocolate tan on the beach resort

How to make the tan lightning and evenly covered the skin on the whole body? The secret of the best quality tan is that it can only be obtained near water. The fact is that water can reflect the rays of the sun, while increasing their effect many times. The skin tans instantly, even when splashing in water.

To make the tan stronger, you should not wipe the body out of the water, let it dry out better naturally. But in this case, the chances of getting burned increase, because water droplets, like optical lenses, increase the intensity of ultraviolet radiation.

Also, tanning near the water, the skin will naturally moisturize, because moist air will not allow the skin to dry out and soften it. But use sun protection cream is still worth it.

Beautiful tanning oil

Oil can perfectly moisturize, saturate the skin, accelerating the production of melanin. Moreover, the oil covers the body with a thin film, which can smooth the skin and stop the earlier aging. You can rub your skin right after bathing, in the bathroom or directly going to the sea. Oil, after lowering into the water, can drain, therefore, should be applied yoke again. You should carefully use chemical and synthetic oils, because they can cause allergies. The use of such protective oils has one minute, sand sticks to the skin.

Proper Tanning Creams

To ensure that the sun burned bypassed you, you need to use only such products that have SPF protection. These creams help the skin to retain fluid, prevent premature wrinkles, and provide UV protection. The SPF factors in them can reach 50. This means that it is desirable to choose a cream according to its skin phototype. A light and sensitive skin will benefit from a protective cream with the highest SPF factor.
If you attend the sun in the afternoon, then sunscreen should have an SPF index of at least 30, and better and more. Dark skinned can use SPF 10.
Smear cream should be light movements, every half hour. If the cream is too thickly applied, the effect will be completely different, the cream will heat up and will be able to harm the skin.
It is advisable to apply sun creams with properties that can enhance the effects of sun rays. The tan in this case is sure to become even and most beautiful.

Before you buy a tanning cream you will have to carefully read the label so that it does not accidentally turn out to be tanning lotion in a tanning bed. This tool has no components that can protect the skin from ultraviolet rays, using this tool on the beach can be burned.

You can also use the oil that will enhance your tan. Applying natural cosmetic oils You can also get a smooth tan without harming the body. It will be very convenient to purchase a bottle of oil, specifically for tanning from proven and well-known companies (Avon, Nivea, Garnier). They consist of natural oils, various vitamin complexes and antioxidants. Also, they contain SPF factors that provide reliable protection from the sun.

Products for a beautiful tan

Decent, perfect, golden tan is very dependent on products that are used during the holidays. The main natural activator, which accelerates the production of melanin, is beta-carotene, with the help of its skin will become chocolate. Noticed by many women that eating foods orange color (carrot, apricots), tan gains brightness and brilliance. Also, beta-carotene contains red peppers, apples and pears.
An amino acid such as tyrosine can have a large effect on melanin production. It is found in fish and red meat.
It is also necessary to use vitamins C and E, to enrich your body with selenium and lycopene. The best option would be a vitamin complex.

How and when to sunbathe is best? In the solarium or in the open air? How to protect yourself and keep the dark shade for a long time? Here you will find several simple tips that will allow you to sunbathe properly and safely.

We always envy the natural golden hue of the skin, which nature has awarded some people. Dreaming to have dark skin, go to the beach. Today, there is much talk about the benefits of tanning (vitamin D, phosphorus - calcium metabolism, strengthening immunity, production of serotonin) and the danger of being under the open sun (burns, accelerated aging of the skin, malignant neoplasms). However, you can get a golden hue of the skin without risking your health, simply by following certain tips.

  • First of all, you need to determine exactly what type of skin your skin belongs in to determine its sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation.
  • In accordance with the type of skin you need to buy a protective cream, and better and more correctly several types of cream with different degrees of protection, as well as after-sun lotions.
  • Just in case, you need to have a remedy for burns (the most optimal and fast-acting option is to spray panthenol).
  • Next, you should get rid of dead skin cells - clean it with a scrub, and even better to do a deep peeling, visiting the sauna or Turkish bath.
  • Stock up on vitamin C and E, and also include in your daily diet carrots, peaches, and vegetable salads with tomatoes, flavored with olive oil.
  • A proven and quite effective way to speed up tanning is to take fresh carrot juice before a session.

A proven and quite effective way to speed up tanning is to take fresh carrot juice before a session

How to protect yourself in the open sun?

If you are just starting to sunbathe, apply more on your skin. sunscreen with a maximum SPF protection rating that will hide you from dangerous ultraviolet radiation. When using this cream, the tanning time will increase significantly, but you can not be afraid of sunburn. Many suntan creams are commercially available to help you get a beautiful skin color and at the same time provide protection from the sun.

Now that you are ready to face the sun without being burned, you should beware of overheating
Now that you are ready to face the sun without being burned, you should beware of overheating. At first you should not be in the sun for a long period. Show some patience and allow the UV light to give your skin color in short periods of time. Start with half an hour, gradually increasing the periods of stay under the scorching rays by 10 - 15 minutes. In any case, melanin is produced in 30 to 50 minutes, and further stay in the open sun is pointless.
If the adaptation is carried out correctly, you will be able to prepare a basic tan, which will soon grow into a deep one. With increasing time should reduce the level of sunscreen that you use.

When is it better to sunbathe?

The optimal time for sunburn is from 10 to 12 in the morning, because at this time the sun is not at its zenith and its rays are scattered. In the evening, it is possible to continue the procedure only after 16-17, and in the afternoon sun is best avoided.

Season also greatly affects the purchase of tanning. In the middle of summer, the sun will obviously be harsh, so limit your stay under the scorching rays and spend more time in the shade, under an umbrella or an awning. In the shade, you can also get a beautiful and even more even tan. In the spring and early fall the sun is not so active and you are more likely to safely get the necessary skin color.

In the spring and early fall the sun is not so active and you are more likely to safely get the necessary skin color

What is the best sunbathing?

If you prefer to sunbathe while lying down, make sure that your legs are always located towards the sun. When tanning on your back, do not lower your head, otherwise the neck will remain white. Change position more often to achieve the most even tan.

But the highest quality shade is obtained with active recreation, say, a walk along the coastline for half an hour at both ends, very effective for tanning, because water actively reflects the sun's rays.

But the highest quality shade is obtained with active recreation, say, a walk along the coastline for half an hour at both ends, very effective for tanning, because water actively reflects the sun's rays

To protect the skin from aging and drying - it will moisturize the body from the inside. Use moisturizing sprays for the same purpose outside.

With a swim, be sure to blot the body with a towel to get rid of water droplets that give the effect of a lens.

Remember that tan appears within 2 hours. After returning from the beach, be sure to take a shower and use a cream or after-sun lotion that softens the skin.

What else needs to be remembered?

Owners of fair skin, before the start of a beach holiday, should be the best way to do this is to visit the solarium. Plus tanning beds - full control over the process. The equipment is configured so that you are unlikely to get burned.
As on the beach, in the solarium you need to gradually accustom the skin to the effects of ultraviolet radiation. This process will take about six to eight sessions of 5 -10 minutes. For best results, run sessions every two days. Prolonged exposure to severe radiation in a tanning bed is dangerous. To avoid exposure, you should very carefully reduce the time interval between each session.
The use of special lotions that allow the skin to quickly absorb UV light is also recommended. Simply put, by applying tanning lotion, you get a good, even tan in a shorter amount of time.

How to keep a tan?

After returning from the sea, for some time do not use bleaching agents, and also refrain from visiting saunas and exfoliating procedures. You can support tanning by visiting a solarium once a week. There is an affordable and good folk remedy - daily in the morning and in the evening wipe the skin with strong black tea.

Follow the diet, eating a sufficient amount of products with a high content of beta - carotene (carrots, sea buckthorn, sorrel, spinach, etc.) and excluding skin whitening products (cucumbers, lemons, milk)

) and excluding skin whitening products (cucumbers, lemons, milk)

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